Looking for Eyeco eyes?

I am experiencing difficulty in obtaining product from Eyeco. If you are looking for Eyeco eyes, here is the most current information I have available:

  • If you need an email notification for Eyeco restocks, PLEASE! sign up for the stock notification newsletter on the front page of the store. In the entire year 2014 I sent only four emails! I do not use the newsletter to send pointless content spam, I use it almost exlusively for restock notifications.
  • I still intend to carry all Eyeco colors and sizes that I have carried in the past. I have not discontinued carrying any Eyeco colors or sizes.
  • I know I am out of many 11mm and 13mm Eyeco eyes. I did not discontinue them.
  • I have multiple orders placed with Eyeco.
  • I do not know when the next Eyeco order will arrive.
  • I do not pre-sell or hold items. Sorry :(
  • Please sign up for the email list if you would like an email when Eyeco arrives. I cannot send personalized emails regarding Eyeco.


Please know that I am not low on Eyeco by choice, and I am doing everything in my power to get it in stock as soon as possible.