Size Selection Guide

Tools needed:  Metric ruler

To determine the size of eye that your doll wears, measure the eye cavity from corner to corner using millimeters. Then add two millimeters to your measurement.  This is the base eye size that your doll wears.

For baby dolls or very young children, you may wish to have a larger iris.  If so, order one size up.

Eyeco Eyes have a larger white than a normal acrylic or glass eye, so are presented in odd numbers. A 15mm eye has an equivalent size iris to a 14mm eye, so if your doll usually wears 14mm in other brands, order 15mm in Eyeco brand.  The sizes pair as following:  8/9mm, 10/11mm, 12/13mm, 14/15mm, 16/17mm, 18/19mm, 20/21mm, 22/23mm, 24/25mm